It's hard to even comprehend that. I mean 10 years!!??!!

A decade...Unbelievable.

Forewarning. This is gonna be lengthy, as it deserves to be.

Wow. It's crazy to reflect back and actually think about specific moments, the 100s of crazy stories I've acquired, the 1000s of people worldwide I've encountered, the most successful musicians, writers, producers, and industry professionals I've worked with and met over these years. All because of MUSIC. What a powerful form of magic! 10 years ago today, I was sitting in my home in Auburn, Alabama. A college student studying Finance. I had some of the best friends you could ask for surrounding me in the neighborhood. We all hung out everyday and the one thing that united us was music. We loved the same types, and we all knew how to create it as well. Out of nowhere we decided to make a band. This band was official and named BrokenRail TEN years ago, October of 2008. We didn't think it was serious, never thought it could become what it later did, but boy did we have fun together. It wasn't until we went to the studio for the very first time that we began to believe it could be something much, much more. Our first single gave us a feeling that we couldn't describe. This set me off on such a crazy, unforgiving, chaotic, beautiful, life-changing journey that I cannot even fathom a life without. Though people moved in and out of my life, and the band, BrokenRail always marched forward. So many times the wind would completely drop from the sails and I'd almost walk away. Each time it would get that low, to that point, something drastic would happen. The best moment in our existence at that time would often occur, bringing me back in 1000%, fresh and ready to take on the world again. Over these 10 years, BrokenRail has worked with multiple world class Platinum producers, met and/or played with our childhood idols, and performed alongside some of the best musicians in the world. It's all so surreal. Like one excruciatingly long dream I will eventually wake from. We've had so many great members come and go over these years, for various reasons. Each left their mark and their place in the history of this band. It also led to the amazing lineup you all see today. I'm so proud at how far it has all come and I'm so proud of my guys. Reflecting back, I remember recording in a very nice studio in California on our 5 year anniversary. The very first song I ever wrote for this band, which happens to be the most important and special song personally for me, was being recorded on this night. I was flooded with the memories and the struggles and the successes and the failures while in the vocal booth. I couldn't help the tears as they formed in my eyes. It was such an emotional night. Recording this song on this very special night brought back every single ounce of the pain of when I wrote it. You can hear it soundly in this unreleased recording. It was supposed to be our first song ever released. We pushed it back. Then this album, well we pushed it back too. 5 Years later, the song is still just as powerful to me now as it was then. The entire reason BrokenRail was created was to help others through experience, through the tough times, as so many of my idols did for me. Now after 10 years, after the success of 'Walk Again', 'Save Me', 'Memory', 'Ghosts of Tomorrow', after the multiple national tours, the press, the radio, all the shows, we're constantly hearing the stories of how we've impacted people's lives. How we've helped them weather the storm. It means the world to me. To us all. You have all become family. The support and love shown to us just warms our souls. I wouldn't change a thing looking back. It wouldn't make 2018 so worth it without all the struggle. Our 10th year has seen us compile 3 MILLION streams on Spotify. We've had over 30 MILLION views of user created content on Youtube. We were nominated for Rock Song of the Year for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMAs), Rock Song of the Year for the Independent Music Awards (IMAs), Rock Song of the Year, Rock Band of the Year, and Rock Entertainer of the Year for the Josie Music Awards (JMAs), as well as Rock Band of the Year for our home state Alabama Music Awards (AMAs) for the 3rd year in a row. This is just INCREDIBLE! We've seen our music featured on ESPN, NBC Sports, MMA's World Series of Fighting, Tony Hawk's RIDE Channel. So much has happened because we have refused to quit. We refused to stay down when something knocked us down. We haven't had anything easy. It's been earned through 1000s of hours of hard work and late nights and blood and sweat and tears...but it's all so fucking worth it...because of YOU.

We cannot be more proud of the BrokenRail nation and the family it entails worldwide. Thank you all so much for an incredible 10 YEARS. Here's to 10 more!

Be sure and stay close. We have some amazing tricks up our sleeves as a present to you all for our 10th Anniversary!

With Love,

All The Best,

Blake Clawson / BrokenRail